Grape Shape Release Pressure Stress Squeezing Ball

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The pace of modern life to speed up at any time, whether you also have overwhelmed, impatience, boredom? Whether because of his bad mood affected family members or friends, finally regret because of your words hurt them. So now, do not need to worry about, the small toys will be for you to share all the unpleasant. Until you smile again!

Squeeze its body, it will change to grape.
Interesting grape ball style stress relieving squeeze toy.
Also can be used as a toy for fun.
Made of good materials, non-toxic and safe. 
Very convenient to carry, no matter where you go.
Perfect gift for your friends, its fans or yourself to relax.

Materials: polyethylene
Color: random color delivery
Item diameter: 5.5cm / 2.17in; 6.5cm / 2.56in (optional)
Package weight: 
  φ5.5cm: approx. 90g / 3.17oz
  φ6.5cm: approx. 110g / 3.88oz
Package size: 7 * 7 * 6cm / 2.76 * 2.76 * 2.36in

1. Be carefull though not to pop the ball with sharp objects.
3. After new products may be with some smell, will disappear after ventilation!
4. The color of water ball and the net outside of the water ball would be sent randomly. 

Package list:
1 * Ball Toy