Clifton Allwood Diner's stolen autism awareness bear returned

After a few days missing, the stolen autism awareness bear was returned to Allwood Diner in Clifton Wednesday. 

The bear wore a Batman shirt with the symbol for autism awareness on its logo, and was taken from the diner Monday morning. The diner posted a video to Facebook showing someone walk in, make a vague attempt to cover his face, and grab the bear before running out the door with it.

The youngster, though, brought the bear back after seeing the response to its absence. 

"It turns out it was a youngster making a not-well-thought-out prank," the diner posted to Facebook. 

Manager Joseph Villanueva said the bear meant something to the diner and that no one has stolen it before.

"It’s just upsetting," the diner posted on its Facebook page before the bear was returned, "not for the value of the item but for the mere fact that someone would actually walk in and steal the autism teddy bear in broad daylight."